Cindy Malaza on Radio 2000

Cindy Malaza, owner and founder of Timeless Opulence on Radio 2000

Cindy Malaza is a qualified chemical engineer, commercial pilot and founder of bespoke furniture brand called @TimelessO_SA . She’s done the décor of producer and composer Lebo M’s home which features in the reality TV show Lebo M Coming Home. #TheGlenzitoSuperDrive #TimelessOpulence #Radio2000 

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Timeless Opulence featuring at The Home Decor Expo 2021

Timeless Opulence at the Home Decor Expo in Fourways

The Roaring Twenty Twenties - From the onset, this unique space surprises with a fresh approach to colour and a unique under­standing of previous art movements to inspire our everyday life. The design elements work har­moniously to ensure an environment that can be used for work and play. Perhaps, in a time when our society is faced with uncertainty about our future, the best remedy is to look at what was achieved in the past. This apartment pays beautiful homage to the Art Deco movement, but in a refreshingly modern manner.

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Riversands Alumni Won't Let The Pandemic Slow Her Down

Entrepreneur and Riversands Incubation Hub graduate Cindy Malaza is a consummate professional. Her business, Timeless Opulence, manufactures bespoke furniture but Malaza has learnt hard lessons from the lockdown – don’t rely on things always staying the same! In this light, she now plans to establish a ready-to-go range of furniture which can be bought off the showroom floor and in the near future, these pieces will also be available in an online store.

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